can help you keep your business information secure and accessible in the most reliable and cost-effective manner. Backup solutions include hardware, software and a full range of services, from system planning and consulting to design and implementation, configuration, testing, and ongoing verification.


The loss of just a few hours – or even minutes – of business information can have major financial and operational impacts. Backup solutions provide a cost-effective process to protect your data from losses resulting from system failures caused by power outages, equipment malfunctions, human error or disaster. Backup solutions use a combination of software and hardware (either tape- or hard drive-based, located on- or off-site) to protect your data over a predetermined period of hours or days; if a data loss occurs, it can be retrieved from the backup system.


  • Low-cost “insurance” protection for your business-critical data;
  • Simple, reliable, proven technology;
  • Enhanced system reliability.

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