Centralized SAN-based storage provides secure data protection with greater storage flexibility and scalability – and can free up your valuable network and server resources.


With the growing volumes of data that organizations need to store – to meet their day-to-day business activities and for backup, archiving, and regulatory compliance purposes – improving the cost-effectiveness, reliability and manageability of data stores are major priorities for IT managers, even those in relatively small organizations.

Storage area network (SAN) solutions enable organizations to centralize their data storage using a secondary network that transfers data between computer systems and any of a number of storage devices located anywhere. Because a SAN is a dedicated storage-only network, IT managers are able to offload their backup traffic from the IP network to the SAN, thus eliminating potential data bottlenecks and enabling direct storage-to-storage connectivity completely independent from the IP network. Equally important, centralized storage management makes it easier not only to store data but also to access and share files, even concurrently with multiple users.


  • Simplifies data availability and management;
  • Provides faster backup speeds without affecting network bandwidth;
  • Improves scalability of storage capacity;
  • Maximizes storage resources through load balancing;
  • Centralization of storage management enhances flexibility and reduces downtime and administrative costs, thus lowering total cost of ownership.

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