can design and implement a cost-effective solution to help you meet regulatory compliance requirements and assure ongoing access and availability of historical data.


Data archiving provides a long-term data storage solution, both for compliance purposes and to ensure the availability and accessibility to your organization’s digital assets. Archiving is addressed within the broader context of an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) program, which is comprised of the policies, processes, practices and tools used to align the business value of information with the most appropriate and cost-effective IT infrastructure from the time information is conceived through its final disposition.

consultants assist you in assessing the life cycle of your business information and provide appropriate recommendations around its current, ongoing and future management. Typically, archiving solutions are hardware-based; inactive data are moved from online tier-one storage media to less expensive tier-two devices but remain accessible for reference or auditing. can design and implement a storage solution based on meeting your organization’s volume and availability needs.


  • Ensures regulatory compliance;
  • Addresses legal requirements;
  • Maintains security and control of access to information;
  • Reduces storage requirements;
  • Reduces backup processing and space requirements;
  • Provides automation of data lifecycle management.

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